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Top Three Transportation Trends for Commercial Properties

Alberto Fernandez
Alberto Fernandez March 2, 2023 Alberto is a former Associate Program Manager at Arlington Transportation Partners.

ATP Takeaway: Commercial properties have been facing a myriad of challenges since the pandemic started. ATP highlights how implementing transportation related strategies can help you attract tenants back to the workplace. 

Tenants are constantly adapting to new working conditions. Whether they are opting to return to the workplace on a daily basis, or are commuting on a hybrid schedule, commuting is becoming more and more important. What can properties do to attract tenants back to the workplace?

At Arlington Transportation Partners, we know the difference an easy and stressless commute can make in the decision to work from home or from the office.  We take a look at the top three trends for property managers to look ot for as they look to implement a transportation strategy at their property.




Digital Transportation Displays: All about Information

Digital transportation screens are becoming a huge trend at commercial properties around Arlington County.  These screens are helpful to commuters as they provide real-time information to commuters who are leaving the offiice to travel back home or to a meeting off-site. Having a transportation display available makes choices easier for a commuter, as they can see in real-time which mode will take them to their destination the fastest. 

Digital transportation displays highlight Metro and bus schedules around the property,  rideshare options,  Capital Bikeshare options, and much more! 

E-Scooters and E-Bikes

Micro-mobility is here to stay. Tenants are using e-scooters and e-bikes for a host of reasons: whether it is to overcome the first-mile last-mile obstacle to reach transit from their office or home, or to travel to the grocery store, these options are convenient, affordable, and are a great time saver.

There are many options to introduce these transportation options into your overall transportation strategy at your property. Whether it's installing signage in a designated area to purchasing a charging station, Arlington Transportation Partners can help you enhance your property's amenities by implementing transportation solutions focused on micro-mobility.

Electric Vehicle Charging stations

As electric vehicles gain popularity, ther need for charging stations is growing as wel. If you are planning on installling additional e-charging stations, or adding them for the first time, ATP can help you in the process.

Enhance Your Tenants' Experience

As tenants continue working on their return to office strategy,  ATP can help you with implement transportation solutions at your property. Reach out to us, and we will help you attract new tenants and increase your current tenants' satisfaction.


Photo Credit: Albert Ting/ for Arlington Transportation Partners

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