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Webinar Recap:  Sustain & Save

Katie Thompson
Katie Thompson August 17, 2021 Katie was a former Business Development Manager for Arlington Transportation Partners

ATP Takeaway: Did you miss Commute66's recent webinar but still interested in learning more about Sustain & Save? Read the blog below and check out the recording of the webinar to learn more about their new incentive program: the qualifications, benefits, and how to enroll.

Sustain & Save is Commute66’s new regional incentive program in which your company can enroll to provide another line of support for employees in their daily commute. This program was created to encourage those who drive along I-66 to consider other sustainable options. Upon switching from driving alone to either vanpooling, carpooling, walking, biking, or riding public transit, participants will receive $100 a month.





Companies and individuals must fulfill the following criteria to join Sustain & Save.

Company qualifications

For companies, qualification all depends on the location of the worksite. The office must be located within 3-miles of I-66 inside the beltway. If you aren’t sure if your company qualifies reach out to Commute66 on our Sustain & Save contact form.

Individual qualifications

The qualifications for individuals have additional factors but each participant in Sustain & Save will receive comprehensive assistance along the way. To enroll in Sustain & Save, individuals must be:

  • Commuting along I-66 and paying tolls
  • Parking at the worksite
  • Willing to switch from driving alone and parking at the worksite to an eligible commute option; which include vanpool, carpool, walking, biking, or public transit.

Benefits of Sustain & Save

There are a myriad of benefits available to both companies and individuals who join Sustain & Save. Companies can diversify their benefits package at no cost and little time spent on their side.  All assistance and consultation efforts are free to participants. Joining this regional program can help mitigate parking management difficulties and lower the associated parking costs.

Individuals who join Sustain & Save will be able to reduce their monthly commuting budgets, including gas, parking, maintenance of your personal vehicle, and money spent on tolls. Throughout their participation, enrollees will have the support of Commute66 representatives to find their best commute option along with assistance taking advantage of regional programs and benefits from the participant’s employer.

How to Enroll

Enrollment is easy and quick. For companies, please contact Commute66  to talk about the fit of Sustain & Save into your organization. You will also need to fill out an Employer Participation Form agreeing to help promote Sustain & Save amongst your workforce and point interested individuals to Commute66.

Learn More About Sustain & Save

Once individuals meet with Commute66, give up their parking pass, and start their new commute they are enrolled in Sustain & Save and can begin to receive $100 at the end of their first month. Watch our latest webinar to discover more information and enhance your employee's commute. 


Photo Credit: Sam Kittner/Kittner.com for Arlington Transportation Partners

Sustain & Save will be discontinued on October 31, 2022. If you have any questions please email us at solutions@transpartners.com

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