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6 Ways Vanpools Are More Tempting Than Eggnog

Jonathan Boldes & Keara Mehlert
Jonathan Boldes & Keara Mehlert December 21, 2016 Jonathan Boldes is a former Senior Business Development Manager at Arlington Transportation Partners, and Keara Mehlert is a former Program Director at Arlington Transportation Partners.
ATP Takeaway: 7 out of 10 ATP staff prefer eggnog (though, to be fair, some only enjoy it when accompanied by additional…ingredients); to let us know if you love or hate it.

We’re at it again—inexplicably comparing various transportation modes with relatable food items. This time, being seasonally appropriate, we’ve decided to tell you exactly why vanpools are more tempting than eggnog.



1. Vanpools Don’t Require Conversation

For all the introverts out there, good news—you don’t have to talk to your fellow vanpoolers if you don’t want to. Just sit back and enjoy the ride by reading a book, checking emails, listening to music, or taking a nap. Can’t really say the same about holiday social gatherings and your aunt who has had one too many glasses of eggnog.

2. Eggnog is So Thick, It Takes Longer to Drink Than Commuting in a Vanpool


There are few beverages, soups even, that are thicker than eggnog. By the time you’ve sucked it down, you could have vanpooled to work, arrived at your desk, and fired off a few emails. Hooray for free Express Lanes and avoiding traffic!

3. You Can’t Use Transit Benefits to Buy Eggnog

But guess what you can pay for with your transit benefits? That’s right—vanpooling! A lot of commuters aren’t aware they can save a chunk of money by using their employer-provided transit benefit to pay for their vanpool commute.

4. No Need for Those Obscure Spices Hiding in the Back of Your Pantry

In fact, vanpools don’t involve a single obscure component. Not that nutmeg is necessarily hard to find, it’s just that most people only use it for two things: pumpkin pie and eggnog. Setting up a vanpool is as easy as reaching out to ATP and letting our vanpool experts guide you through the process one step at a time.

5. Because Everyone Can Get Behind a Vanpool

Unbelievably, not everyone is in the business of enjoying their lives and instead opt to state that eggnog is either disgusting, undrinkable, indigestible, or all of the above. We think that these people are wrong.

In a highly scientific poll of the ATP team, it was found that seven out of ten enjoy the holiday beverage. The remaining three harbored the ill-conceived notion that the glass of holiday-happiness didn’t meet their standards of drinkability.

On the other hand, vanpooling is universally agreed upon as an affordable, stress-free commute option.



6. Vanpools are Less Likely to Make You Ill


For eggnog lovers, the drink’s smooth, seductive taste belies its ability to instantly ruin any gathering after one too many gallons. Dairy has an unfortunate side effect of filling your stomach in a way that can end the best of us. Thankfully, your vanpool will likely be devoid of the dairy-laden beverage. Even if you do consume too much eggnog before commuting into work, you will have the option to nap off the extra weight.

What are Vanpools, Really?

Now that you’ve read our outrageous stream of consciousness on the superiority of vanpooling to eggnog, let’s get to the real point which is to say that everyone can get behind vanpooling.

Vanpools allow you to use company-provided transit benefits to help lower your costs or even commute for free.

Saving money on your commute has the benefit of affording you the option to buy more eggnog. You also reduce the stress of your commute by having options such as napping on your way into work the day after Christmas because you drank far too much eggnog, electing for a breakfast of eggnog while in the back seat, or contemplating the ways you can enjoy eggnog once you are home from work.

Seriously, see all the benefits of vanpooling and join a vanpool. If you live more than 15 miles away from your office, it is likely your cheapest, easiest, and most reliable transportation option.

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Photo Credit: Sam Kittner/Kittner.com

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