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How to Spend your Sustain & Save $100 Incentive

Tai Mooney
Tai Mooney November 3, 2021 Tai is a Program Coordinator for Vanpool Connect and Commute66 at Arlington Transportation Partners. His multi-modal commute involves a walk or bus ride to the Metro.

ATP Takeaway: Interested in joining the Sustain & Save but not sure how to spend your $100 monthly incentive? Our partners at Commute66 have you covered with some great recommendations.

Once you join Sustain & Save, you’ll be able to receive a $100 monthly incentive when you commute to the worksite using your new, sustainable commute option at least 8 days per month. With this extra cash each month, you might not be sure how to put it to good use. Continue below for some of our recommendations ahead of the holiday season.




How to Spend Your Incentive 

Walking and biking

If your new commute is more active and involves walking and biking, some athletic clothes or solid walking shoes can really make a difference, making your trek a lot more comfortable.

Riding your bike to work is an efficient way to travel to work quickly and stay physically active. A good idea is to prep for your fall and winter commutes by spending your incentive on bike equipment like lights, new helmet, new seat, or new mirrors. You can make your commute to and from work safer and more comfortable. 

Transit and rideshare

Taking public transit or participating in ridesharing frees up your hands, eyes, and ears from focusing on the road and allows you to spend your morning on something more enjoyable. Depending on your tastes, investing in a digital streaming service for music, podcasts, or audiobooks can be a great way to use your $100. If you are already subscribed to podcasts or streaming services, a set of new headphones or earbuds could be perfect as well. 

If you’d rather watch something on your way to work, take advantage of free wi-fi in vanpools and on the metro to find streaming services bursting with great shows and movies to watch your ride to the office. Figure out which has the content you’re looking for and give them a try, courtesy of your Sustain & Save incentive.

Black Friday deals

With the holiday season fast approaching, get started on your shopping with an extra boost of cash from your monthly incentive. Look out for more deals and know you’ll have a bit of extra money to splurge this year as a part of Sustain & Save

How to Enroll in Sustain & Save

To start, your employer must be enrolled in the program. It's free, and very easy. All they need to do is schedule a meeting with Commute66 and we'll walk them through the process.

After your employer has enrolled, you can reach out to us directly or through your company contact so the Commute66 team can determine your eligibility, new commute method, and the best way to provide you with your incentive. 


Photo Credit: Sam Kittner/ for Arlington Transportation Partners

Sustain & Save will be discontinued on October 31, 2022. If you have any questions please email us at

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