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5 Bike Friendly Buildings in Arlington County

Keara Mehlert
Keara Mehlert May 16, 2017 Keara Mehlert is a former Property & Development Services Program Director at Arlington Transportation Partners.
ATP Takeaway: Free tenant bike tune ups, bike storage and other bike programs and amenities are methods these commercial buildings are including health initiatives for their tenants. ATP can assist you with these and guide your property to receive a Bicycle Friendly Business designation.

In honor of Bike to Work Day 2017 on May 19, ATP is highlighting five commercial office properties that are doing great things when it comes to bike amenities and programs for tenants.



1. 3001 & 3003 Washington (Transwestern/KBS)

With Employer Champion tenants including CNA, The Common Application and HDR, 3001 and 3003 Washington Boulevard have taken steps to promote biking among employees and encourage active transportation. This spring, management is distributing free annual Capital Bikeshare memberships to employees as well as free bike repair accessories for bike room users.

2. Century Center (Lowe Enterprises)

Looking to stand out in a competitive office market, last year Century Center installed a new secure bike room with a private entrance on the main lobby level. In addition, the building added new shower and locker facilities and has raffled off free annual Capital Bikeshare memberships the past two years.

3. Clarendon Center (Saul Centers)

An ATP Champion since 2014, Clarendon Center has been active in promoting bike-friendly programs among tenants. For the past several years, the site has held transportation specific events for employees and given out free annual Capital Bikeshare memberships.

4. Potomac Tower (Brookfield)

New amenities such as a secure bike room with a repair station has helped attract major tenants such as National Grocer’s Association and reduce the building’s vacancy rate at Potomac Tower, a Platinum Level Champion. The building, which was designated as a Bicycle Friendly Business in 2016, also recently opened a brand new fitness center with showers and lockers and is hosting its second annual Bike to Work event for tenants this year.

5. Two Liberty Center (Kodiak Realty Services)

Another 2016 Platinum Champion, Two Liberty Center is a Bicycle Friendly Business that has been committed to providing sustainable transportation programs to tenants for the past several years. In addition to amenities such as a secure bike cage and shower and locker facilities, 2017 is the third year in a row that management is providing free bike tune ups to tenant employees.

Interested in Bike Amenities and Programs at Your Property?

Your property can also increase bicycle friendliness, increase tenant retention and encourage wellness by joining Champions. As a Commercial Champion, we'll guide you through your site plan requirements if applicable and help implement transportation programs and amenities.

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Photo Credit: Sam Kittner/ for Arlington Transportation Partners

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